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Diesel powered Rental Vehicles preffered


For the first time in the history of the United Kingdom, more cars running on diesel were sold than petrol driven cars last month in the United Kingdom.


The reason for the late burst in diesel car sales in the UK should be the fresh turbo injection technology, which has helped diesel cars emerge faster. However, many experts point to the new austerity age of the UK for driving the increase in diesel car sales.


The diesel engine with its 15 per cent to 20 per cent more fuel efficiency compared to petrol engine has influenced the Britons greatly as a major selling point. It is amusing to see the fresh change as once the diesel cars were considered only fit for the slow lane.


AN RAC spokesman said that it outlined the austere times the Britons were living in at the moment. He added that people were clearly considering the overall motoring cost while purchasing a fresh car.


According to the spokesperson, diesel was more fuel efficient, although it was not the ideal car for one that wanted a car to pop into the city. However, if one used his car regularly and over long distances diesel cars gave a lot more mileage than petrol cars.


Diesel cars had started making their presence felt in Britain since the post-war period, although it was not until the introduction of TDI (turbo-charged direct injection) engines in the late eighties that these vehicles were able to begin shedding their ‘slow although reliable’ reputation.


Gatwick-car-hire, the leading Gatwick car hire firm has commented on the development that diesel cars were significant as they strived to pay back the money invested in them over the long term, despite being more polluting than their petrol counterparts.