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Different Fuel type Vehicles for Green Car Rental


It has been reported that the engineers in the United Kingdom has readied a car, which leaves nothing to waste; powered by a methane gas engine.


The car already popular by the name ‘Bio-Bug’ reliably runs on bio-gas produced at sewage works across the United Kingdom from human waste. It is amusing to know that to power the vanguard Vaulkswagen Beetle car for ten thousand miles; it would only take excrement from seventy homes’ toilets. The 10,000 miles mileage equates to an average motoring year.


Bio-bug is the first car in the United Kingdom to run on methane gas without having its performance reduced, although this technology of conversion has been trialed in the past. Nonetheless, the improved reliability of the vehicle means that its manufacturers believed that it could out run the electric car to pave the way for a fresh green revolution in motoring.


It is also amusing that sustainable energy firm GENeco’s Mohammed Sadiq who designed the prototype pledged that the drivers of the new vehicle would hardly know the difference. He added that the gas had not been clean previously to power motor cars without affecting the performance.


Gatwick-car-hire, the leading Gatwick car rental company said that power was the watchword, although a vehicle that could run leaving nothing to waste was always welcome. The car rental firm added that the diesel vehicles too were widely disparaged during their initial days, only to pick up later with the advent of TDI engines, and the newly launched methane vehicles as well would be hopefully picking up in the due course.