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Vauxhall Cars to come with Lifestime Guarantee

All fresh cars from the leading car manufacturer Vauxhall will now come covered with warranty for lifetime starting from the day of registration. The first owner of any car from Vauxhall registered from the 1st of August 2019 will be covered by the lifetime warranty.
The warranty coverage will apply across the life of the vehicle until it runs 100,000 miles The fresh comprehensive OEM warranty includes the electrical equipment, powertrain, brake system and the steering system across the life of the car.
The owners are required to drop in at a Vauxhall retailer’s for a free car inspection to maintain the lifetime warranty. Meanwhile, it has been in the air that Vauxhall is also planning a further programme that would enable second owners to buy the lifetime warranty.
According to Vauxhall Motors’ managing director, Duncan Aldred the company was making a vivid statement of confidence in the quality of their products with the Vauxhall lifetime warranty. He added that the company was also making a strong intent to provide the ideal customer service in the United Kingdom.
The lifetime warranty of Vauxhall comes as the latest innovation form the oldest surviving car manufacturer of the United Kingdom that celebrates its 107th year this year. The firm has since 2006, launched a range of world-class vehicles including the Vauxhall Astra, Vauxhall Corsa, Vauxhall Agila and Vauxhall Meriva models.
Gatwick-car-hire, the leading Gatwick car rental company has welcomed the lifetime warranty concept of Vauxhall. The car rental firm claimed that it would stand as a real compliment to the products of Vauxhall, particularly the Vauxhall Insignia that secured the European Car of the Year award.